Disney's New Tangled-Inspired Cupcakes Are Topped With Mini Lanterns — Too Cute!

I've got a dream, and it definitely involves getting my hands on one of Disney World's adorable new Rapunzel cupcakes. Available exclusively at the Intermission Food Court in the All Star Music Resort, these Tangled-inspired cupcakes kind of make me want to swing on over to Disney World on a 50-foot rope made out of my own hair. Just as we'd expect from the most magical place on Earth, Disney made the cupcake look a lot like Rapunzel herself — complete with a piped yellow buttercream braid and topped with rainbow sprinkles (like the flowers in her hair!). Each cupcake is also topped with a white chocolate paper lantern printed with the official Corona kingdom sun symbol.

The yellow cupcakes are piled high with purple raspberry-lemon buttercream — which swirls down inside the cupcake — and sprinkled with pearl-like sugar beads, according to Disney Food Blog. So, the next time you're at Disney World, why not take a page out of Rapunzel's book and try something new?