Disneyland Paris's Chip 'n' Dale Milkshake Looks Like It'll Satisfy ALL Your Sugar Cravings

Leave it to an adorable new snack at Disneyland Paris to remind us all that stateside Disney parks don't get to have all the fun. According to a few Instagram photos, there's a Chip 'n' Dale-themed milkshake being sold at the France theme park, and now I'm officially on a mission to do everything in my power to get one.

The adorable shakes are made from what looks like a blend of vanilla ice cream and a scoop of Nutella that's topped with whipped cream and a heavy dusting of cocoa powder in the shape of both of the iconic chipmunks' faces. It's finished off with powdered sugar and special candies to make out the characters' eyes, mouths, and noses.

The Chip 'n Dale milkshakes can be found at Disneyland Paris at Victoria's Home-Style Restaurant. Read ahead to see more photos of the cute dessert.