1 Bite of This Insane Kiwi Sorbet Bar Will Leave You All Fuzzy Inside

Pastry chef Dominique Ansel may be famous for creating the Cronut, but recently, it's his delicious Summer treats that have us begging for more. First came a soft-serve-filled watermelon, and now, this kiwi sorbet bar has us drooling. Not only does this look like an actual kiwi (fuzzy exterior included), but it's made with a combination of ingredients that would satiate any sweet tooth.

The limited-edition Summer menu item is filled with fresh kiwi sorbet, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, and poppy seeds and coated in a "fuzzy" milk chocolate. From the outside, the kiwi sorbet bar may look like a fancy Klondike bar, but all it takes is one bite to be captivated by the refreshing, fruity sweetness of the kiwi flavor.

Dominique is incredibly gifted at taking fruit and transforming it into an epic dessert, all while preserving the original greatness of the fruit itself. Read on to see photos of the kiwi sorbet bar and make sure to stop by the Dominique Ansel Bakery at the SoHo, London, or Tokyo location to pick up this sweet treat.