How This Grocery Store Is Trying to Save the Planet

Earth.Food.Love is the UK's only zero-waste, organic, bulk-buy, plant-based, wholefoods shop — at least, that's what its website boasts. The family-owned store in Devon is beautifully arranged so that all of its products are in bulk jars and baskets — as in, nothing is packaged. They aren't kidding about the zero-waste thing. In fact, shoppers are encouraged to continuously reuse their own jars, containers, and bags for everything.

The shop, founded by former soccer player for Manchester United Richard Eckersley, sells hundreds of products. "We sell everything that's dried, so you've got grains, beans, pulses, legumes, rice, seeds, flours, sugars, seaweed and spaghetti, yeast flakes and stock. We've got herbs and spices and dried fruit," Eckersley told The London Times.

The goal of the shop, according to its website, is to create a better future. "We decided to look back to the past, where eating real food with minimal packaging was normal practice," the site reads. And the store is a step in the right direction for a more eco-friendly world. Keep reading to get a peek inside!