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Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes For Busy Nights
Source: Bush's Beans

After a hectic day, who wouldn't love to come home to an elaborate, home-cooked meal? But between work, errands, and the regular hustle of the day-to-day, eating something like slow-cooked ragu on a Tuesday isn't always realistic, and go-to's like chicken and rice can get stale on their own. But, good news; there are effortless ways to bring flavor and versatility to the dinner table — and it can be as easy as reaching into the pantry.

To help elevate your weeknight menu, we've created a lineup of recipes that lean on the goodness of simple, nutritional, and affordable pantry staples, like beans. Getting a dinner on the table that tastes like it's been cooking all day is easy thanks to the power of Bush's Sidekicks™. These beans do most of the work for you; they're pre-seasoned and slow simmered with the herbs, spices, and vegetables — and they pack a flavor punch. From a quick orzo salad to chipotle chicken tacos, scroll through to find new family-favorite, bean-focused meals that are perfect for your weeknight rotation.