Central Perk Coffee Shop Is Real, You Guys

Even those who have achieved unagi (a state of total awareness, according to Ross) may not be prepared to handle the nostalgia-fest that is New York's Central Perk pop-up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friends. Yep, you read that right: the fictional coffee shop that set much of the backdrop of the '90s hit sitcom has come to life! For a limited time, NYC-based fans of the show can enjoy a free cup of coffee in the very cafe that their favorite television characters spent 10 glorious years frequenting. Open until Oct. 18, Central Perk not only serves up free joe, but it also offers guests the chance to explore genuine memorabilia from the Friends set, including the characters' costumes and the famous orange sofa. So if you find yourself in NYC during the next two months, be sure to brave the lines at Central Perk and enjoy the limited-time dose of sitcom heaven. If you can't make it to the city for a picture on the Friends sofa, these photos taken inside the cafe will help you live vicariously. Be warned: they might make you want to marathon the entire show! Source: Instgram User hilarydare

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The inside of Central Perk looks just like the TV show's set and has genuine memorabilia for guests to enjoy.

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Of course, the walls are adorned with photos of the cast. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey would be proud!

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Thanks to Warner Bros. and Eight O' Clock Coffee, the entire menu is free!

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Here are a few of the real Friends artifacts that fans of the show can enjoy.

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Visitors can sit on the famed orange couch for photos (and pure nostalgic ecstasy).


Clips from the show play on TVs throughout the pop-up, and the complimentary coffee is served in themed mugs.

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Eight O' Clock Coffee provides delicious drinks and snacks for those willing to fight the lines.

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Can you believe it's been 20 years since the show's first episode?