These 7 Game of Thrones-Inspired Ice Creams Prove That Winter Is Here

POPSUGAR Photography | Megan Lutz
POPSUGAR Photography | Megan Lutz

Attention Game of Thrones fans: Wanderlust Creamery in Los Angeles has a limited-edition ice cream lineup inspired by the internet's favorite show. For the month of July, you can experience seven new flavors designed after seven different geographical locations in George R.R. Martin's world.

Experience the floral beauty of Highgarden with the Growing Strong, packed with candied roses, violets, and verbena leaves, just as sweet as the dear departed Margaery Tyrell. The sweet kiss of spiced plum jam in the Candied Plums From Dorne is very reminiscent of the poison-soaked, bloodthirsty kiss Ellaria delivered to Myrcella minutes before her demise. Too bad it looks like the Sand sisters won't be making it back to Dorne anytime soon to try this flavor! When the icy storms of Winter have befallen the Northern castle of Winterfell, there's nothing like a 10-year single-malt scotch to warm those icy bones in Winter Is Coming. If you're anything like us, you can never say no to a booze-soaked ice cream.

"Sleep, my pretty" is all one can think about when trying Milk of the Poppy, a lovingly floral-scented ice cream dotted with poppy seeds and flavored with coquelicot, a French liquor made from red poppies. This Westeros-inspired ice cream is something any grand master or Wicked Witch of the West would be happy to have in their arsenal. It wouldn't be Game of Thrones-related without a healthy dose of wine. Enjoy red wine with a hint of blackberries with the Blackberry Wine Sorbet, reminiscent of sweet sangria. Cersei Lannister would approve of this one while atop her throne in King's Landing. And if the thought of Frey pies has you feeling queasy, there are plenty of vegan flavors to choose from.

But make sure you ride like Grey Wind (too soon?) to taste them, because these flavors are only available until the end of the month at Wanderlust's Atwater and Tarzana locations. And remember, when you play the game of cones, you win or you die. Well, maybe not in this case.