Starks and Lannisters Alike Will Love These Iconic Game of Thrones Recipes

With Game of Thrones season six fast approaching, we're seriously ready for some drama in the Seven Kingdoms — and some droolworthy Westerosi cuisine. If you're planning the menu for your Sunday night viewing party, you're probably pondering ways to incorporate the series into your dish choices. Should you serve Sansa Stark's favorite lemon cakes or make red jello in the shape of a Dothraki horse heart? Well, the folks at Bon Appétit have solved your problems with these two tasty recipes inspired by the show.

The first, Direwolf bread, is modeled after the House Stark sigil. You might remember it from the show, as it was Hot Pie's farewell gift to Arya Stark! Then there's a tasty ceremonial pigeon pie, which is served at weddings in the Seven Kingdoms. Remember the massive, meat-filled beast of a pie at Joffrey and Margaery's nuptials? You can make your own version at home, minus the live birds and eventual horrific death-by-poisoning.

So before you send out ravens with your invitations to Sunday night's feast, make sure to watch these video recipes and check out the full Game of Thrones menu on Bon Appétit's website.

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Direwolf Bread

The bread would also work for other house sigils, like the Lannister lion or Greyjoy kraken!

Get the recipe: Direwolf bread

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Joffrey's Pigeon Pie

You don't need a wedding to serve up some pigeon pie . . . just be sure to watch your wine cup while tucking into this tasty meal!

Get the recipe: pigeon pie