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Healthy Smoothie Recipes With Avocados

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Source: Hass Avocado Board

Breakfast doesn't get much better than a delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-make smoothie! Teaming up with Love One Today®, we’re sharing delicious smoothie recipes starring the incredibly versatile and healthy fresh avocado.

The best way to prepare for the day ahead is by starting your morning with a nutritious breakfast; one that's able to power you through every meeting, chore, or assignment until lunchtime. But while breakfast is the most important meal of the day, all too often, it's also the most neglected. Enter avocado smoothies. They take mere minutes to prepare — just throw in your ingredients and hit blend — and they're a smart option for the whole family, as they also offer health benefits for every stage of life (from pregnancy to aging). Mixing in nutrient-dense avocado, adds nearly 20 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients to your morning shake, which is something we're definitely on board with!

We also love that the unsaturated fat in fresh avocados can act as a "nutrient booster" by helping boost the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E to help give you the energy you need to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

This all-star fruit adds flavor, nutrition, and creaminess (without adding dairy), which makes incorporating avocados into your smoothie routine a no-brainer. Even better, avocados are made up of 79 percent water and fiber, meaning they'll fill you up quicker and keep your feeling satisfied longer.

Make sure you always have avocados on hand for an easy way to help yourself stay on track with healthy eating. A creative way to store them is to freeze quartered, sliced, or diced avocado pulp, which can then be easily used in your smoothies to add good fats, fiber, and a creamy texture. Just make sure to freeze only ripe avocados! Confidently store avocados in the freezer and use for smoothies or other cooked recipes (because foods with a high water content often don't thaw well, as the texture can change after being frozen). Here's how you can freeze avocados at home:

Step 1: Select ripe/ready to eat avocados

Step 2: Wash avocados under running water with the skin still intact

Step 3: Cut the avocados in half and remove the seed or pit by working a spoon under it

Step 4: Cut the avocado in quarters and peel them (like a banana)

Step 5: Take the avocado quarters, or slice or dice them if desired, and put the pieces in a resealable freezer bag, ensuring all the air is removed before closing, sealing, and placing the bag in your freezer

Step 6: Take out the frozen pieces, put them in the blender with all your other smoothie ingredients, blend, and enjoy! We recommend using the frozen avocado pieces within a month

Keep reading for registered-dietitian approved breakfast smoothie recipes that the whole family will love — all with avocados as their star ingredient! Head to for the complete nutritional info, as well as tips on how to stock up and store avocados.