Delicious Things You Can Add to Your Iced Tea

Iced tea is a deliciously refreshing drink all on its own. Different blends hit various flavor profiles from earthy green to strong black tea. Served over ice, it's perfect as is, but there are so many ways to transform that glass. The next time you're craving iced tea, think about mixing it up with the following additions:

Coconut milk: One of my favorite additions to chilled tea, coconut milk adds a bit of creaminess and worldliness to the drink. It's rich, smooth, and just a touch tropical.

Fresh herbs: Mint is a traditional addition to tea, but there are so many other herbs that you can also try. A sprig of rosemary offers a floral kick, spearmint or tarragon are unique spins, and basil is also so much fun. Try adding a single herb or mixing a few together into a bouquet garni of flavor.

Spices: You might not think a sprinkling of cracked pepper or dusting of ginger is what your iced tea needs, but just a small dash of a spice can elevate tea. Cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, and cardamom are often found in chai blends, which you can create in your own kitchen thanks to those spices. But you can also explore adding some heat with a bit of cayenne or achiote.

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Fruits: Lemon and lime are great friends with iced tea, but there are so many other fun fruits that you can add to your drink. Try slices of pink grapefruit for a tart taste or muddle a couple of blueberries in the base of the glass for a unique spin. Slices of strawberry, a couple cubes of mango, and cubed green apple combine together into a pretty and delicious sipper.

Bitters: Often used when mixing cocktails, bitters is made with a combination of botanical ingredients resulting in a somewhat bitter and sour flavor, which can be delicious. The flavor is a bit medicinal, but also pairs well with dark teas. Add a few drops to iced tea and top with a slice of orange.

Orange Blossom Water: An ingredient found in Indian dishes, orange blossom water has a slight flavor of citrus alongside floral notes. Just a little bit adds big flavor to a glass of iced tea, which wafts a lovely scent while you sip. Or try a couple drops of rosewater for something new for your taste buds.

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POPSUGAR Photography | Sarah Lipoff

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