Bee's Wrap Is More Sustainable Than Plastic Wrap, but It Doesn't Last Forever

If you're like me, you feel a twinge of guilt every time you pull out plastic wrap. If you're looking for a container for leftovers or your kids' school lunches and want a more eco-friendly option, we have the product for you. Bee's Wrap, which can be re-used over and over again (and which you can get on Amazon for $18), is the perfect choice. However, despite all of its reusable properties, it won't last forever. Here's how to know when you need to replace your Bee's Wrap.

According to the website, it can last a whole year with regular and careful use. After wrapping your dish or food item, Bee's Wrap works by cooling within seconds and securing its seal. Once the wrap thins out and is unable to stick as well, you'll know it reached the end of its use as a meal product.

Bee's Wrap is great for foods such as sandwiches, fruits, veggies, leftovers, and much more (except for raw meat or fish). It's made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, sustainably sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. It comes in six different sizes so you can pick one that fits best.

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