Your Basic Blueprint For Acai Bowls

So you want to make an acai bowl because everyone's doing it. But do you know where to start? Follow this simple formula and step-by-step guide to making a perfect acai bowl that you can customize to your tastes. Once you master the basic recipe, it'll be your new favorite way to start your day.

Base + liquid + flavor add-ons = acai bowl

Acai base (2 frozen packs): You have to start with a base made of acai, which is a fruit (superfruit!) native to Brazil. The easiest way to make an acai bowl at home is by starting with one of the most common bases, frozen acai packs from Sambazon. You can find these at Whole Foods, Costco, Safeway, and other grocery stores.

Liquid (1/4 cup): You can use coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk, your favorite nondairy milk, or even regular water. You just need a little liquid that will blend well with the frozen fruit and create a creamy, smoothie-like consistency.

Banana (1): Bananas both sweeten and thicken the acai base. If you prefer smoothies without bananas, though, you can use 1/2 of an avocado instead.

Frozen fruit of choice (1/2 cup): You can use any frozen fruit you like, but using sweeter fruits like berries or mangoes will pair best with the acai base.

Lindsey Bro | Sambazon

Making the Bowl: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Cut acai packs in half with a sharp knife and add frozen mixture to blender (you can leave them out for a minute or two to make this easier).
  2. Add 3/4 of the banana (save the other 1/4 for topping), or use the whole thing if you don't want to use it on top.
  3. Add 1/2 cup frozen fruit.
  4. Add half of the 1/4 cup liquid. You'll probably use the rest, but you want to start with a little and then add more as needed.
  5. Put the blender top on and make sure to use the plunger tool. With blender on low, begin to blend. Use the plunger to push all ingredientsdown toward the blade. Stir things around as it starts to blend. Blend for at least 30 seconds. Add more liquid as needed. Check to make sure there aren't any berries left behind.
  6. Add to a bowl, top with toppings of your choice, and serve immediately.
Lindsey Bro | Sambazon