TikTok's In-N-Out Burger Hack Swaps Buns For Grilled Onions

In-N-Out fans have discovered a new secret menu hack that has TikTok scrambling to get to the drive-through. The onion-wrapped Flying Dutchman burger was made popular by @diego_eats, who first shared his review of the sandwich on TikTok on June 11. "I'm not even going to lie: that's one of the best things that I've ever had at In-N-Out," he said after taking a bite of the breadless burger.

"I'm convinced, even if you don't like onions, you are going to like this."

At its core, the sandwich is two beef patties layered with two slices of melted American cheese. The top and bottom of the burger are covered in crispy grilled onions that act as a barrier between your hands and the cheesy goodness. While messy, the bunless burger is a great alternative for In-N-Out customers who can't eat gluten or prefer to skip the bread and get right to the filling. Plus, if you don't feel like getting in your car, you can re-create the savory sandwich at home on the barbecue.

Among the lucky few who've already tasted the burger, some have chosen to customize the secret menu item with yellow peppers and mustard. "That is a lot of flavor," TikTok user @littleremyfood said. "It's got a smoky taste. Also, pretty greasy — went through like a bajillion napkins." TikTok user Sophie Saldana, aka @sophiesophss, added, "Without the bun, the flavors are accentuated a lot more, and then you get the crunch of the onions — oof. Let's just say I'm not missing the bun at all." Taking the burger up a notch, Saldana then added animal-style sauce. "I have no words," she said. "This is too dang good, y'all! I'm convinced, even if you don't like onions, you are going to like this."

In the comments section, In-N-Out employees were also quick to voice their opinions about the trend. Some asked customers not to order the onion-wrapped burger during rush times like lunch since custom orders take extra time and can back up the line. Others cautioned that wrapping the burger in onions can burn cooks' fingers and hands. "Please just order a Flying Dutchman with two sides of whole grilled onions," one TikTok commenter wrote. "Associates are burning their fingers trying to wrap this."

Before you try the Flying Dutchman with grilled onions for yourself, see more reviews ahead, and consider heading to McDonald's for dessert — hash brown ice cream sandwich, anyone?

In-N-Out Secret Menu: Onion-Wrapped Flying Dutchman Burger