Squee With Delight at These Bouncing Sushi GIFs

Our partner Foodbeast shares breaking food news, trendsetting recipes, and more with us. Today, Erica Schecter shares these adorable sushi GIFs, so we can finally learn the Japanese names for all the fish.

Sushi has evolved over the years from an unknown entity to trendy universal dish to irreplaceable staple, winning over the hearts of even the most disbelieving of Americans. Sushi is constantly evolving — new ingredients, preparation and serving methods — traditional nigiri sushi, cut rolls wrapped in seaweed or soy paper, creative additions like cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise and deep-fried rolls… dare I go on? It's difficult at times to know exactly what is going on with little to no menu descriptions and endless varieties of fish to be devoured. Fortunately, tumblr artist Slimu has come to the aide of those loyal, yet at times challenged, sushi lovers.

Slimu offers up a unique alternative way to help you remember what the different types of fish and ingredients are so you can feel confident in what you are ordering. Even if these gifs don't help you remember that "uni" means "sea urchin," at least you'll remember smiling at the bouncing jolly sushi characters.

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