KFC Is Adding Pickle Fried Chicken to Its Menu, and I'm Dill-irious With Joy


KFC is introducing a pickle-lover's dream food, but it will only be on menus for a limited time. The fast food franchise revealed that it will carry Pickle Fried Chicken starting on June 25, offering the salty, decadent treat for several weeks to please pickle-obsessed patrons. According to Business Insider, the chicken tenders will be available as a sandwich or served alone. Plus, thanks to an early taste-test, the outlet also reports that the chicken is vinegary, salty, and will delight hardcore pickle fans.

The chicken itself is extra-crispy, and comes with a bold, pickle-flavored sauce for moisture and flavor. Top that all off with some sour dill pickles, and you've got yourself a pickle party. Get out of my dream journal, Colonel Sanders! Actually . . . if it means you'll keep churning out heavenly comfort food creations like Pickle-Fried Chicken, carry on.

Ahead, check out initial reviews of the KFC's Pickle Fried Chicken, and try not to drool until you can taste it for yourself.


Pictured: another of KFC's fried chicken menu options (complete with pickles for flavor).