Kylie Jenner Got a Special Box of Lucky Charms With Marshmallows Only — We're Jealous

All our marshmallow fantasies are so close to coming true, we can almost taste them. Behold, a box of Lucky Charms with marshmallows only. That's right, just the little marbits of sweet goodness without any of the pesky cereal in the way. After Kylie Jenner expressed her love for Lucky Charms marshmallows on Instagram, the company sent her a special, one-of-a-kind box.

Apparently Kylie isn't the first celeb to get one of these magically delicious boxes. Blake Shelton has gotten his hands on the limited-edition cereal as well. Sadly, General Mills doesn't plan on offering this version of Lucky Charms for sale. We just shed a single sugary tear.