Lime Dole Whip Is Now at Walt Disney World, So Excuse Us While We Book a One-Way Flight

Walt Disney World has been cranking out some pretty delectable treats recently, including chocolate-orange doughnut holes, rainbow cotton candy, and banana pudding churros. But despite all of these new treats, few can compete with the beloved classic, Dole Whip. And to keep things interesting, Walt Disney World just released a brand-new Dole Whip flavor: lime! And there's an even bigger added perk. Right now, guests can only get the refreshing snack outside the parks at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, meaning you don't even need a park ticket to enjoy!

You can find the sweet treat at Pineapple Lanai, which is an outdoor quick-service counter just past the lobby. The official Disney menu for Pineapple Lanai has not been updated to show the new treat online, but we can assume it's the same price as the original pineapple Dole Whip at $5. If you're wanting something a little stronger, hit up Oasis Bar and Grill at the Polynesian Village Resort pool bar for a lime Dole Whip with rum. This spiked treat costs $12.

If you are like us and Instagram just about everything you eat at a Disney park, the lime Dole Whip is perfect for a colorful photo. Each cup or cone is adorned with a fresh flower, making it super pretty and extra tropical. We don't know if this is a limited item or going to be a permanent menu staple, so be sure to grab one while you can.