50+ KonMari Kitchens to Drool Over

Marie Kondo, bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, has developed a foolproof organization technique called the KonMari Method that promises anyone can declutter and never relapse. I've tried it out myself and can attest to its effective power, particularly with my kitchen.

Since the release of Marie Kondo's series on Netflix, more and more people are getting on board with her method. It's impossible not to Instagram the amazing spaces in your house post-KonMari, which is why I have pulled together some brilliant examples along with some tips to keep your kitchen tidy.

Toss unnecessary pantry items. Keep it stocked with only the stuff you eat.

You only need a few kitchen utensils. Throw out all the needless unitaskers.

Pare down your cookware so you only keep the ones you enjoy cooking with.

Use dividers to store pots, pans, cutting boards, and baking sheets.

Give everything a home.

Stack things vertically for efficiency.

Take a photo of how you'd like your drawers to look so family members and roommates can follow organizational suit.

Don't let your favorite dishes hang in storage purgatory. Get them out and use them, even if you run the risk of breaking them!

Only keep your most favorite dishes. It's OK if they are mismatched.

Keep a kitchen neat, but not sterile. Add small touches that bring it to life.

Wiping away oil and water is the key to keeping your kitchen feeling tidy.

Having a clean kitchen will inspire you to spend time in it.

A few decorative touches "spark joy."

Space invites relaxation.

Simplicity is beauty.

The question to ask yourself is whether to keep something or release it with gratitude. But does it spark joy?

Check out even more KonMari kitchen inspiration ahead!