Mountain Dew Has a New Seasonal Drink, and It Tastes Like Holiday Cookies

OK, wait . . . we used to think that peppermint mochas and Hot Toddy's were the best drinks to sip on to get our taste buds in the holiday spirit, but that's certainly not the case this year. Mountain Dew just launched an all-new limited-edition holiday-themed soda, and we can already hear the sleigh bells jingling, ring-tingle-tingling, too! The Gingerbread Snap'd flavor has just begun popping up in stores, and it looks just as fun and festive as you might expect. The concoction boasts that it has a "blast of artificial gingerbread flavor," and while some might channel their inner Grinch by thinking it'll be too sweet, one reviewer had this to say: "This flavor actually isn't bad! It smells like a cola, and kinda tastes like one too, but smoother, with a subtle creamy sweetness, and a faint spice. Couple that with the classic Dew base, and you've got a holiday soda that'll delight unlike anything else you drink during the most wonderful time of the year." Uh, yeah, we're sold. Another Instagram user left a rave review saying, "The gingerbread flavor stands out, without being overpowering. It's simply perfect!" If this new Mountain Dew drink isn't a Christmas miracle, we don't know what is. Whether you're looking to taste-test it for yourself or leave some out for Santa this year, you can snag a bottle or pack of cans wherever DEW and Pepsi products are sold. Treat your taste buds to this new seasonal sip now, and enjoy all the sweetness this holiday season has to offer.