Oh Snap! You Can Get a 12-Pack of Pickle Chip Pouches at Sam's Club For Only $9

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ICYMI, the snack world has been pretty obsessed with pickle-flavored everything for quite a while. Now, thanks to this 12-pack of Oh Snap! Dilly Bites Pickle Pouches at Sam's Club, pickle-lovers across the US can stock up on the "super crunchy" snack — and the bulk pack is only $9!

While they've been on the market for a couple years now, this is the first time we're seeing the brand's pickle chips sold in such huge quantities. But, as far as buying pickles in bulk goes, I'm certainly not complaining. Whether I'm planning a picnic, packing my lunch for the next day, or just craving an extracrunchy snack, I feel like pickles are the perfect alternative to standard potato chips (with a slightly sour twist). These thick-cut pickle chips are low-calorie, fat-free, and never packed in brine to eliminate any unnecessary messiness.

From fried pickle and ranch chips to sandwiches with giant pickles instead of bread, I've seen a lot of cucumber-inspired snacks, but these pickle chips are one that I personally consider to be a pretty big dill. Check out the Oh Snap! Pickling Co. website for full nutrition information, and keep reading to take a closer look at what's inside these nifty little pickle pouches.