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Gluten-Free Oreos Review | Photos

I Tried Oreo's New Gluten-Free Mint Cookies, and I Need a Double Stuf Version ASAP

Gluten-Free Oreos Review | Photos

On the outside, the gluten-free Oreo is the same size as an ordinary Oreo — or so I was told by my non-gluten-free sister, who joined me for the taste test. After reading through the ingredients, though, I found a few major differences between the gluten-free version and the original recipe.

Namely, when it comes to regular Oreos, the main ingredients are unbleached enriched wheat flour, riboflavin, sugar, and palm/canola oil. The gluten-free version moves sugar up to the first ingredient on the list, followed by white rice flour, tapioca starch, and canola oil.

Biting into the Oreo, I had a mini "Ratatouille" moment where I was transported back to the days when a cookie was just a cookie and I didn't have to think about the ingredients. I also noticed that the cookies themselves were crispier and crumbled more easily than I expected, but the spot-on taste definitely made up for any crumbs that accumulated along the way.

These were such a good copycat of the classic Oreo that I was almost afraid I'd eaten a real one — even though the packaging clearly said otherwise. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the cookie itself also says "gluten" and "free" right around the Oreo logo, so there's no mistaking these for the original.

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