The Cult Favorite Kit Kat Ruby Is Coming to the UK — and Yes, It's Millennial Pink!

Millennial pink isn't just responsible for swallowing up a large percentage of your wardrobe, interiors, and beauty regime, but now it's making its way into the food world, too. Pink is the go-to hue when it comes to your appetite (hello, Instagram-worthy radicchio), and Nestlé knows just how popular it is. The food giant has plans to ship its Kit Kat Ruby, which is a favorite in Japan and Korea, to British shores. And yes, it's millennial pink.

The pastel-colored Kit Kat is made with Ruby cocoa beans that give it a unique (and natural!) color and flavor. The beans are described as having "an intense berry-fruitiness taste," and for those tickled pink by the idea of said Kit Kat, they can purchase them exclusively at Tesco stores in the UK beginning on April 16. Everyone in the US will just have to cross their fingers for an American launch soon.

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