9 Things You Never Knew About Pizza Hut, Straight From an Insider Employee

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

If Pizza Hut has long been a staple in your diet (no shame), you'll want to read on to discover company secrets straight from the source. I chatted with a Pizza Hut spokesperson about little-known toppings, how to score the best deals, what happens to leftover food, and more insider information that will make you an even bigger fan of one of America's most-loved pizza brands.

There's an unexpected topping you probably haven't tried.

"We are the only national pizza restaurant company that offers Peruvian Cherry Peppers. This topping provides a little extra kick to any pizza. In addition, we offer pineapple, which we know is a highly debated pizza topping. From our perspective, we love it!"

Pizza Hut was the first physical item to EVER be bought on the internet.

"A Pizza Hut pizza was the first physical good ever purchased via the internet (in 1994), before shoes, books, etc."

The best deal on the menu is . . .

"There are three, actually. The Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box features two medium one-topping pizzas, an order of breadsticks, and your choice of wings, pasta, or a third pizza for $19.99. The next deal is two medium pizzas with any number of toppings for $6.99 each, and finally, the two-topping large pizza for $7.99. All of these deals are available for delivery or carryout."

The very first Pizza Hut location is now a museum.

"The original Pizza Hut is positioned on the campus of Wichita State University in Wichita, KS. While no longer in operation, the OG location serves as a museum for the company and is actually in the process in being moved to an even more prominent spot on campus as the school looks to showcase its innovation and entrepreneurial roots."

Pizza Hut donates a ton of unsold foods.

"Pizza Hut founded The Harvest Program 25 years ago. A Pizza Hut franchise owner wanted to donate unsold pizzas to shelters, churches, and other local organizations in the communities he served, which spawned the idea. Since inception, Pizza Hut has donated more than 100 million pounds of food through The Harvest Program. Pizza Hut is committed to lowering food waste across the country."

The famous breadsticks are prepared fresh every day.

"Pizza Hut breadsticks are proofed and prepared fresh each day in our restaurants, then baked and seasoned with our garlic and parmesan cheese and served with marinara dipping sauce."

You can find deals on the website all the time.

"The best deals can be found at pizzahut.com. We also run limited-time promotions all of the time, so be on the lookout for those! In addition, Pizza Hut offers an everyday value of a large two-topping pizza for $7.99. The most popular two-topping pizzas are pepperoni/sausage and pepperoni/mushroom."

The most popular order? Pepperoni pizza.

"Pepperoni, not surprisingly, is the favorite pizza topping among Pizza Hut customers. The most popular specialty pizza? Meat Lovers, which includes pepperoni, ham, pork, beef, Italian sausage, and bacon."

Pizza Hut has been delivered to space!

"Pizza Hut was the first pizza delivered to The White House, as well as the first pizza delivered in space."