No Fancy Copper Mug? No Problem, Thanks to This (Very Cute) Canned Moscow Mule

In case you hadn't noticed, the canned cocktail trend is a definite thing this Summer. While the majority of the offerings out there right now tend to be hard seltzers or wine of some sort, Plain Spoke Cocktails is trying its hand at more complicated canned cocktails with Moscow Mule and Bourbon Smash.

It gets better: both drinks are made with supersimple ingredients. Moscow Mule consists of vodka, lime juice, ginger, and pure cane sugar, while Bourbon Smash consists of bourbon, lemon juice, mint, and pure cane sugar. Both have an ABV content of 10 percent, and they're priced at $4 per can or $15 for a four-pack.

Now, some bad news: Plain Spoke Cocktails are currently only sold in Wisconsin and Minnesota, which is actually good news if you happen to live in those states! Here's hoping they'll consider expanding . . . preferably in time for Summer, this one or the next.