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Plant-Based Holiday Recipes

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Source: JUST Egg

We partnered with JUST Egg to re-create classic holiday recipes with better-for-you ingredients.

When the holidays come around, we often reach for the same handful of recipes passed down through generations, year after year. Trying to get your family on board with a new dish — or even new ingredients — can cause unwanted drama. But these days, plant-based products are just as tasty as their conventional counterparts — so much so that even Grandma won't be able to taste the difference.

This season, we're giving classic recipes a contemporary upgrade with swaps that are not only better for you, but better for the planet. That's where JUST Egg comes in. Made from mung bean, it's packed with sustainable protein that cooks and tastes just like eggs, and it's cholesterol-free. There's also JUST Egg Folded, which comes precooked and frozen and can be warmed up when you're ready to eat. Read ahead to find five holiday dishes made with JUST Egg that take classic recipes to new plant-based heights, all while creating new family traditions in the process.