Fred Armisen Parodies Chef's Table on Portlandia, and It's Seriously Spot On

Leave it to Portlandia to deliver the perfect parody of Chef's Table, one of Netflix's hottest food shows. In the skit, Fred Armisen stars as chef Francis, owner of the trendy restaurant Kūkō. His specialty? Airport-style sushi. Describing how the inspiration struck at a layover in Chicago, the "chef" says, "As [the sushi] fell apart in my hand, I thought, 'Ahhh, what is this city missing?'" And a couple years later, Kūkō, Portland's restaurant specializing in airport sushi, was born. You won't be able to stop giggling at how the actor managed to perfect the look of a hipster chef, complete with an undercut hairstyle and arm tattoos, including a slotted spoon.

"We are proud to serve the most borderline not-sushi sushi in the whole world," the chef says in the video. Complete with the dramatic orchestral music in every Chef's Table episode, the video shows off some of Kūkō's most impressive dishes, like edamame in a styrofoam cup. "I want this to be the unifying sushi that anyone can eat . . . but nobody wants to eat," chef Francis says. You truly have to watch Fred Armisen in all his glory in the skit above, and if you're a true Chef's Table fan, you won't be able to contain your laughter.