Our Rainbow-Loving Hearts Are Gushing Over These Colorful, Sugary Churros

Let's be real for a second: churros are already pretty darn perfect in their most basic state. What's not to love about a tube of golden, fried dough slathered in cinnamon and sugar, am I right? But it looks like these tasty pastries just got a colorful, Instagram-ready upgrade, thanks to one sweets shop in California. The Loop specializes in handcrafted churros, offering its one-of-a-kind treats either dipped (in sauces like dulce de leche and Nutella), glazed (with toppings like chocolate or matcha crunch), or chilled (in soft-serve ice cream with other tantalizing toppings mixed in). Are you drooling yet?

Its latest crave-worthy creation is the Crystal Rainbow Churro Loop, a vibrant churro covered in rainbow sugar and served in vanilla soft serve with your choice of topping (like caramel popcorn, marshmallows, or Fruity Pebbles). Like, whoa. When The Loop started serving this delectable limited-edition goody, visitors couldn't help but share photos of their churros on social media because, well, just look at them!

Here's how the magic happens.

The Loop sells other equally picture-worthy churros, like this one covered in Fruity Pebbles cereal!

All we want for Valentine's Day is this pair of sugary pastries.

Red velvet and cookie butter churros — excuse us while we try to not eat our screens.

So many pretty churros!