This New Canned Sparkling Wine Means You'll Never Have to Fear Popping Champagne Again

I am never the friend who volunteers to open the bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine because it genuinely makes me nervous. What I can do without hesitation, however, is crack open a can of beer or wine, and a new canned sparkling wine company called Shamps has officially changed the game. Shamps is canned sparkling wine with 110 calories and 5 percent ABV per 12-ounce can, and it comes in six-packs (with a really cute design). It was founded in NYC "by a few sparkling wine-lovers who wished their favorite drink could be more accessible," the website explains, and it's set to debut in May of this year.

Shamps doesn't have exact availability and information about where you'll be able to buy after the launch in May, but it does have a fun Instagram account for photos and updates. It's no secret that canned wine has become more popular than ever, but we've yet to see a Champagne-like version until now. Get ready to cheers at baby showers, make mimosas at the drop of a hat, and stock your fridge with ready-to-crack cans ahead of a celebration.


Pick up a Shamps six-pack.

Crack one open on the beach.

Stock your fridge before brunch.

Drink Shamps while you make Chrissy Teigen's popular mac and cheese — an obvious pairing.

Sip it on a bench on a sunny day.

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