Taiwan's Serving Up Shiba Inu Lattes, and We're Booking Our Flight Right Now

We are always game for adorable latte art, even if it pains us to drink it in the end, because it's all about the 'gram, right? There's now a coffee shop in Taiwan — Mr R Drinks — that is absolutely blowing up Instagram with its latte art, featuring only the greatest subject ever: Shiba Inus!

Located in Taipei, this fun cafe has all the Shiba Inu lattes your heart desires and even offers photo ops for you to shoot your perfect Instagram photo, naturally. The milky lattes come in a variety of flavors with different-colored Shibas on top. The Shiba is actually a marshmallow that melts into the latte to add a punch of sweetness, much like a real Shiba would add a punch of sweetness to a normally boring day.

I personally wish I could get my hands on one of these Shiba lattes in every color right now. So while I frantically scramble to get my travel documents in order to jet off to Taiwan, and then down to Mexico to try this cotton-candy concoction, and then over to South Africa to get my coffee cone, we can just enjoy the Instagram photos everyone else has posted of their Shiba lattes.