You Can Get Sour Cherry Beignets at Disneyland, and Our Lips Are Already Puckering

Mickey Mouse-shaped foods just taste better, don't they? From waffles to doughnuts to cheeseburgers (not kidding!), we can't help but eat it all up. And one of our favorites has to be the Mickey beignets from the Mint Julep Bar at Disneyland. As much as we love the classic powdered sugar beignets, we're obsessed with their seasonal flavors, and right now it's — wait for it — sour cherry! If you've ever had one of these pillows of fried dough, you'll know that they're the perfect Disney snack, but now Disneyland has added one that tastes like a mild version of sour cherry Fun Dip. While they're not overloaded with the sour powder, there's definitely enough to make your lips pucker and go back in for another bite (or five). You can get them in packs of three for $6 or six for $9, and we're definitely on board with ordering a ton!