Brace Yourself: Sprinkles Cupcakes Are Coming to Disney World!

One of the most magical places on earth is about to get even better. Disney World will soon house a new Sprinkles Cupcakes location, and if you don't realize how exciting that is, you must have never tried a Sprinkles cupcake (hint: they're moist cupcakes topped with a thick layer of perfect buttercream frosting available in every flavor you could want). The California-based bakery known for dispensing its road-trip-worthy cupcakes from an ATM only has a few locations on the East Coast, and it's hard to imagine a better place for a new one than a Disney park.

In an Instagram photo posted on May 10, Sprinkles Cupcakes wrote, "On Sunday, we begin baking at the most magical place on earth! Will we see you at Sprinkles at #Disney Springs in Orlando?" Yes, you definitely will — if you're like us, you'll be booking a trip to Disney World ASAP.