Starbucks Mexico's Cotton Candy and Bubblegum Frappuccinos Are a Sugar-Lover's Dream

While coffee-lovers in the US are gearing up for the return of Starbucks's PSL, those heading to Starbucks stores in Mexico are in for another treat: Cotton Candy and Bubblegum Frappuccinos. Starbucks Mexico announced the two new drinks on Aug. 13 as part of its "Back to the Flavor" campaign, which offers your taste buds a blast from the past. If you couldn't get enough cotton candy and bubblegum as a kid, you'll want to slurp one of these sweet blended drinks ASAP. Starbucks menus in the US do include a pink Cotton Candy Crème Frappuccino; however, the new one in Mexico is blue! The Bubblegum Frappuccino has the pink color this time, and we imagine it tastes exactly like Hubba Bubba. See more photos of the limited-edition drinks ahead.