OMG! This Woman's Insanely Intricate Starbucks Cups Take Up to 16 Hours to Design

Starbucks releases a new holiday cup each Fall, but for Carrah Aldridge, designing Starbucks cups is a year-round thing. Carrah is a 22-year-old artist who draws intricate designs on her Starbucks cups and turns them into true works of art that you have to see to believe. Using markers, Sharpies, and pens, the talented artist transforms plain Starbucks cups into the most Instagram-worthy cups you'll ever see — and no, she doesn't get paid by Starbucks or sell her cups. She simply does it for fun!

Carrah shared a photo of a gorgeous gray Starbucks cup design on Reddit and immediately got people talking. One commenter wanted to know how long the cup designs typically take, and Carrah responded, "Can take anywhere from 4-16 hours depending on the complexity of my designs and size of the cup. I tend to only work on them a little at a time, in free time, instead of watching TV or something." That's serious dedication.

Known as Creative_Carrah on Instagram, the self-taught artist has been working on Starbucks cup art for several years and has the impressive photos to prove it. You'll never look at a grande vanilla latte the same way after seeing her jaw-dropping designs! Take a look at some of the coolest ones ahead.