Starbucks Can't Keep This Dreamy Disneyland Mug in Stock

As part of its expansive You Are Here Collection, Starbucks released a brand new Disneyland mug. Though the company already had a mug inspired by Disneyland in its collection — in addition to mugs inspired by the other parks — this new version has a different color scheme and a more whimsical design.

According to several sources, the original version will soon be discontinued. Disney blogger KT The Disneybear even urged her followers to purchase the first edition while it's still available. Though it's unfortunate that the original mug will no longer be available, the new mug is decidedly splashier.

The Disneyland mug is currently available at the Market House on Main Street for $17. If you happen to find the mug in stock, consider buying it then and there as Starbucks can barely keep a supply of the mugs on hand. That being said, Starbucks does intend to continue stocking the mug as quickly as possible indefinitely. For a more in-depth look at the trendy souvenir, read ahead.