Starbucks's Fall Cups Are Cropping Up in Stores, and We Did Not See Those Neon Colors Coming!

Starbucks is teasing us by slowly (but surely) releasing its cups for fall! The coffee chain's Pumpkin Spice Latte is available for sippin', so its fall cup collection can't be too far behind . . . right? While some cups have been spotted and posted on social media by a few lucky shoppers, there's no official news of when the Starbucks fall 2021 cup collection will be widely available (although it's rumored the whole collection is at Target and select Starbucks stores right now!). From what we're seeing thus far, we can tell the cups' bright colors and unsuspecting patterns are worth the anticipation. From neon studded pink and green tumblers to cool kaleidoscope patterns, these cups are far from autumnal, but heck, they're super cute! Ahead, have an up-close look at Starbucks' new fall cups, and bear with us as we wait for its highly anticipated Halloween merch (if it follows years past, we're anticipating a September drop!).