Starbucks Unveils the Cutest Matcha Snack We've Ever Seen — but There's a Catch

There's something about matcha that no matter what form it's in, it's always both aesthetically pleasing and delicious. Add in the magic of Starbucks, and that's when we start drooling. On April 1, Starbucks locations in Japan added a matcha pudding to their menus, and we're adding it to our list of reasons we need to move to Japan.

The adorable, pint-size packages come in three variations, each with a unique inspirational quote: "Each day is a gift," "It's time to start!," and "Make someone's day." It's unknown how long the matcha pudding will be available or if it will make its way to other countries, but for now, we'll just swoon at the adorable cups on Instagram and stick with the Starbucks Matcha Pink Drink in the United States. Keep reading to see photos of the delectable matcha pudding and indulge in some high-quality matcha porn for yourself!