Picnic, Anyone? Starbucks's New Spring Collection Includes Jam Jars and a Cute Teapot

Flowers, pastels, and the sweet signs of spring define Starbucks's new seasonal collection. Exclusively available in Korea, the merchandise includes daisy-covered teapots, gingham-printed lunchboxes, pretty handheld tumblers, and so many more accessories that are covered in beautiful baby blue and yellow. The collection features the most gorgeous seasonal flowers and warm tones that are sure to defrost your favorite memories of a cheery spring day in minutes.

In addition to the typical tumblers and on-the-go coffee cups, the merch line features a clear Frappuccino mug with a yellow-and-white straw and a supercute lid, a yellow checkered kitchen towel, glass cups embellished with green and yellow flowers, small condiment jars to hold everything from honey to sugar, and a large pastel-blue carry bag that has room for snacks, drinks, and more. Several products in the collection also feature ombré colors that are as tranquil as can be, and even though the collection isn't available in the US yet, that won't stop us from daydreaming about drinking our morning coffee out of all of these items. Raise your glasses to spring, and take a closer look at the gorgeous Starbucks collection ahead.