Heart-Shaped Starburst Jellybeans Are Available For Valentine's Day and They're So Stinking Cute!

Valentine's Day isn't for another month, but Starburst fans already have love on the brain. Starburst's Heart-Shaped Jellybeans have officially made their way to candy aisles, which basically means that, from here on out, you're probably not going to hear the end of it in terms of Valentine's Day candies.

Instagram user Candy Hunting posted a photo of the special candy in December. "Christmas is over, so on to the next food holiday! Found these new Starburst Heart Shaped Jellybeans at Rite-Aid," the caption reads. According to the pic, the jellybeans come in red and pink colors, with the red beans being cherry flavored and the pink ones strawberry. Although Candy Hunting spotted the beans at a local Rite-Aid, they can also be purchased at Target for just $4 per bag. You should probably start building up your candy stash ASAP since these will likely only be available for a limited time.