You'll Love These Stranger Things Macarons as Much as Dart Loves 3 Musketeers

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how quickly I breezed through the entire second season of Stranger Things, and now, all that's left to do is read spoilers for season three and look for ways to satisfy my Hawkins cravings. If you can relate, there's a new way you can do just that, thanks to Stranger Things macarons, which have been created by one seriously talented baker and food blogger, Kim Haines of Creme Macarons. She's got a remarkable talent for turning the latest trends into homemade macarons that are almost too cute to eat, and the best part is she doesn't keep her secrets to herself.

On Instagram, Kim explained how she was able to make the macarons look exactly like iconic alphabet wall in Joyce Byers's house in Stranger Things. She wrote, "The macarons were made with royal icing and multi-colored chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I put lights inside the yellow buttercream, because why not?" If you're planning a watch party and want to really take your snacks to the next level by re-creating these, just start with a basic macaron recipe and copy these finishing touches! Spoiler alert: there's also a Demogorgon macaron, which may or may not make an appearance in your nightmares after you see it. Ahead, check out all the amazing photos and videos Creme Macarons has shared of its creations.