Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Hershey's Kisses Are a Thing, So Get Ready to Scoop 'Em Up

Hershey's has turned a long-time summer sweet into a bite-size snack, and can you say yum? Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Hershey's Kisses have been spotted on store shelves by Instagram users, and they're already giving them rave reviews. The summertime flavor tastes of strawberries and cream with crunchy strawberry cookie bits inside (to represent a cone) and comes wrapped in pink foil adorned in silver ice cream cone polka dots. "THESE ARE SO GOOD!!!" one Instagram user wrote, adding that the flavor of the kisses gives Good Humor ice cream bar vibes. "As soon as I opened the bag, I could smell the strawberry. I was definitely not disappointed," another user wrote.

Although these snacks are usually available nationwide, it appears IG users have had the best luck finding them at Target. Bags of this limited-time candy will only be available only for the summer, so make sure to stock up now so you can sprinkle them on all your favorite treats (strawberry ice cream included!). If you're wondering what the packaging looks like for shopping purposes, take a look at the photos ahead.