These Chocolate Marshmallows Have a Sweet Peppermint Center — Holiday S'mores, Anyone?

Stuffed Puffs

Break out the mugs and the cocoa mix, because there's a new minty treat in town that's begging to be added to your next hot drink. Stuffed Puffs — the brand known for its chocolate-stuffed, s'mores-ready marshmallows — is rolling out a peppermint bark-inspired product especially for the holidays.

The Chocolate Peppermint Bark Marshmallows feature a cocoa exterior, and are filled with a pink peppermint and white chocolate center for a decadent dessert experience. Yum! If you're a baking fanatic like me, consider adding the 'mallows to your next kitchen experiment — like Rice Krispies Treats with a seasonal twist. There are plenty of uses for these tiny treats, so mark your calendars for their in-store release at places like Walmart, CVS, and Kroger starting in early November. If you can't wait that long, don't worry, you can snag a bag online today at Stuffed Puffs' digital shop.