21 BBQ Invites Cute Enough to Eat

While we know you've got your barbecue menu down, getting your friends to RSVP can be a major headache. Make sure your guests know they're in for a great time by sending out invitations that set the mood for your delicious event. Whether you're grilling up a rack of ribs or packing a picnic basket full of goodies, these adorable invites will inspire even the busiest of girlfriends to drop everything and add your party to their Summer calendar. Scroll through to see the e-cards that will help make your barbecue the event of the season.

No matter what Summer food fits their fancy, your guests will love this Americana card (free).

Celebrate the sweet taste of Summer with this delicious strawberry invite (free).

A grill may not always have much to say, but it definitely does with this quirky invitation (price upon request).

It's not a barbecue without ketchup and mustard, so get your guests in the mood with this "side of you" invitation (price upon request).

This checkered card (price upon request) will match your classic outdoor tablecloth.

Getting this sunny invitation (price upon request) is sure to brighten your guests' day.

If you're planning to throw some dogs on the grill, this hot dog invite (price upon request) will get your guests excited for the classic Summer snack.

No need to worry that your barbecue won't stack up with this funny invite (price upon request).

From skewers to s'mores, this illustrated card (free) covers all the basics.

This flaming invite (price upon request) is perfect for guests who can't wait to fire up the grill.

If you're throwing a party for the Fourth of July, this liberty and barbecue card (free) is a great way to honor the stars and stripes.

Watermelon is the ultimate Summer snack, so celebrate the sweet event ahead with this watermelon slice invite (price upon request).

This barbecue and mosquito card (free) will have your friends buzzing about your Summer party.

Make a splash with this adorable invite (price upon request) that will have your guests RSVPing "yes, please, with a cherry on top!"

Even if your barbecue isn't whole hog, this invitation (free) is a sign you're ready for some serious grilling.

Go, Shorty, it's your picnic — so throw a party and use this colorful card (price upon request).

Your friends will love the retro look of this cute invite (free), perfect for a barbecue where burgers and milkshakes are on the menu.

For a card that's way cooler than the heat of the grill, opt for this Popsicle print invite (price upon request) that your guests will adore.

This bright Popsicle invite (price upon request) is a sweet way to welcome guests to your event.

If you plan on putting a Mediterranean spin on your event, this invitation (price upon request) will have your guests shouting "opa!" before the party even starts.