Frozen Honey Is Taking Over TikTok, but How the Heck Do You Make It?

We're not saying you have to try everything you see on TikTok (in fact, we highly advise you NOT to do that), but we will say frozen honey is one of TikTok's better ideas as long as you eat it in moderation! The sweet treat is true to its name and requires a few hours in the freezer before achieving its desired "jelly" or "popsicle-like" texture. There are many ways people go about this trend, but the most popular way to do so is by pouring honey into an old plastic water bottle so you can squeeze it out and lick it from the top. Heck, some people are freezing the squeezable package their honey comes in! Whichever way you choose to tackle your new summer snack experiment, just know it takes very little effort for a tasty reward. Lick it by the pool, in the car, or the next time you're craving a refreshing sweet treat — it's delicious!

How to Make TikTok Frozen Honey

  1. Pour honey into a bottle
  2. Freeze it for two to three hours or until it gets a gelatinous texture

That's truly it! Note that if you don't like honey, you can try it with corn syrup instead. Oh, and if you're looking for a delicious dinner, there's always TikTok's famous baked feta pasta.


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