Break Out of Your Grocery Shopping Rut With This Trader Joe's Challenge

If you frequent Trader Joe's, you probably have a grocery routine down. You know which aisles your go-to products are located in, and your shopping list has remained pretty consistent. We think it's time you break out of your grocery rut and spice things up within your favorite store. Ahead are 20 tasks to try on your next run — are you up for our Trader Joe's challenge?

  1. Keep your groceries for the day under $20.
  2. Ask to try before you buy.
  3. Only shop Trader Joe's deals.
  4. Buy and cook with a product you've NEVER heard of — like palm oil.
  5. Only purchase 10 items or fewer to use express checkout.
  6. Buy what they're offering for free samples.
  7. Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers.
  8. Purchase a week's worth of prepackaged salads to survive off of at work.
  9. Curate a gourmet cheese plate from the store's selections.
  10. Restock on essentials with TJ's beauty products.
  11. Try something new from its list of recently added products.
  12. Make dinner out of four or fewer frozen items.
  13. Make your own trail mix from your favorite nuts and dried fruits.
  14. Buy a dessert you've never tried before.
  15. Cook with a recipe from its website.
  16. Try a wine from its newest Wine Insider post.
  17. Finally purchase that one item that you always eye but never buy.
  18. Create a picnic spread with only TJ's items.
  19. Add one produce, one snack, and one dessert you've never bought before to your grocery list.
  20. Ask an employee what their favorite store item is and buy it.