Oh My Gouda! Trader Joe's Cheesy Jalapeño Cauliflower Dip Is Made With Parmesan and Ricotta

Chips and dip just might be the perfect snack combo, and Trader Joe's cheesy new Cauliflower Jalapeño Dip has me ready to raid my pantry for all the pita chips and crackers I can find. Made with parmesan, ricotta, and cream cheese, the smooth cauliflower dip has a subtly spicy kick and is made to be paired with crunchy snacks like carrot sticks, chips, celery, rice crackers, and more.

"It tastes like a spinach artichoke dip with a cauliflower-y twist," Instagram user @traderjoeslist captioned a photo of the new dip, which is currently available for $3 per 10-ounce tub. As someone who loves to snack on chips and dip any time of day, I will definitely be on the hunt for this mouthwatering treat during my next Trader Joe's trip. Take a sneak peek at the cauliflower dip and get inspiration for other foods you can pair with it ahead.