A Trader Joe's Employee Is Sharing the Store's Most Underrated Items, and They Look So Good

Trader Joe's holds a special place in my and many others' hearts — it's affordable, delicious, and one of a kind. But even the most dedicated Trader Joe's shopper might miss out on a good item or two, and for that, we present you TikTok user (and current Trader Joe's employee) @TraderTrav. His series, "Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Employee Edition," lets us in on the least bought Trader Joe's food items that deserve more hype, and uh, I can't believe the cauliflower pancakes are on there? The truth is, the store sells so many unique things that it's easy to breeze by something truly delicious (like pancake bread), but let that end today. From maple chicken breakfast sausages to chipotle black bean dip, check out his picks for the best, most underrated products at Trader Joe's.

Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Part One

  • Garlic spread dip
  • Chocolate hummus
  • French crepe waffles
  • Chocolate chip sandwich cookies
  • Almond butter granola
  • Dark chocolate batons
  • Artichoke and jalapeno dip

Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Part Two

  • Vanilla ice cream bonbons
  • Soy chorizo
  • Crispy crunchy chocolate chip cookies
  • Chocolate and almond croissants

Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Part Three

  • Crunchy curls
  • Cauliflower pancakes
  • Everything but the bagel smoked salmon
  • Zhoug sauce

Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Part Four

  • Trail mix crackers
  • Fresh bruschetta suace
  • Milk chocolate smashing s'mores
  • Romesco dip

Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Part Five

  • Giant Peruvian Inca corn
  • Chimichurri rice
  • PB&J snack dip
  • Chicken marsala with mashed potato

Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Part Six

  • Cuban-style citrusy garlic seasoning blend
  • Steamed chicken soup dumplings
  • Pancake bread
  • New England clam chowder

Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Part Seven

  • Shakshuka starter
  • Plantain croutons
  • Organic toasted coconut granola
  • Brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwich

Underrated Items at Trader Joe's Part Eight

  • Grainless cassava and coconut tortilla chips
  • Cotswold double Gloucester cheese
  • Cajun-style blackened chicken breast fettuccini Alfredo
  • Strawberry yogurt o's

Underrated Items at Trader Joe’s Part Nine

  • Maple chicken breakfast sausage
  • Tangerine juice
  • "Just sauce" turkey bolognese
  • Chipotle black bean dip