15 Ingenious Cooking Tips You Can Copy From Chef Tyler Florence

If you're an avid Food Network watcher, you already know who Tyler Florence is. If not, allow me to introduce you to the TV host and chef, who just happens to have as many good cooking tips as he does good looks. Tyler is from Greenville, SC, and now lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children, and he's the owner of Wayfare Tavern, an upscale American pub in downtown SF that you must go to if you're ever in the area. Even if you can't taste his food, you can certainly learn from his expert tips, which he happens to graciously share on Instagram on a regular basis. Keep reading to find out ingenious tips for making pancakes, steak, and pasta sauce like a real chef.


Keep the pan drippings from roasted chicken and incorporate them into a homemade caesar dressing for even more flavor.


Don't peel your carrots! The skin is flavorful and nutritious.


Make an unexpected pasta sauce by pureeing a blend of vegetables and herbs.


Roast your overripe bananas before making banana bread with them.


Season your carbon-steel skillet with flax seed oil.


Then let them cool completely in the oven overnight.


To get the juiciest steak, pan sear it — and let it rest before cutting into it.


Greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to cook a Thanksgiving turkey by removing the spine.


Get the perfect amount of stuffing inside by using a piping bag.


Then cook it for an hour and a half at 375 degrees.


Get the most flavor out of pork chops by basting them in brown butter.


All you need for the best smoked ribs? Lemon, thyme, salt, corse cracked pepper, and olive oil.


Put your pancake batter in a squeeze bottle with the tip cut back to get perfectly equal portions.


Then griddle them at 400 degrees.