These Unicorn Cannolis Are So Heavenly, You'll Wish You Knew They Existed Sooner

Just when we thought we were done with the countless unicorn food trends, we discovered these unexpected and totally magical unicorn cannolis from Gelso & Grand Italian restaurant in New York City. The Instagrammable dessert has already taken over our social media feeds, and with its drool-worthy toppings like funfetti cake, ice cream, and lavender macarons, it's easy to see why. Each cannoli is stuffed with strawberries, graham crackers, homemade buttercream, and more funfetti cake, and it's all wrapped up into a crunchy shell dusted with 24-karat gold. Yeah, we're already sold, too!

If you're still not a fan of unicorn-themed foods, then you also have the option to take out your unicorn-induced anger — you can smash this unicorn dessert to pieces since each one comes with a miniature hammer and a label that says "smash me." A win-win situation, yes? Read on to see more photos of the whimsical dessert that has officially been dubbed "unicornollis" ahead.