Disneyland's New Lemon and Blue Raspberry Frozen Dessert Is Causing QUITE the Frenzy

Not every new Disneyland treat guarantees hour-long lines, but the latest frozen dessert available during Pixar Fest sure does. The new Pixar Pier Parfait ($6) is a delightful combination of lemon soft serve and swirls of a blue raspberry frozen beverage, and apparently it's just as delicious as it is photogenic. Tons of people are making their way to Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats (formerly Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company) at Disney California Adventure to get a taste of this sweet, tart, and refreshing snack. Bonus points: it's dairy-free and vegan. You can expect lines close to an hour just to get one! The good news is most people are saying the wait is worth it — check out the drool-worthy photos that prove it.