We Tried the Viral Blue Wine Firsthand and Here's What Happened

POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts
POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts

Having just returned from Disneyland, where I drank my body weight in blue liquids like cotton candy lemonade, I was stoked to return home to a package from Gik, makers of the viral blue wine that has taken over the internet. If you're wondering if the cobalt shade is made from artificial coloring, Gik assures its customers it's completely natural. According to the website, the Gik wine is made from white and red grapes from Spanish and French vineyards and during the wine-making process, indigo and anthocyanin pigments are extracted from the skin of the grapes to naturally transform the wine into the vibrant blue hue. But that's not all that's inside Gik wine. A "non-caloric sweetner" is added to the mix. Skeptical of the blue wine but extremely curious, I uncorked the bottles and had the POPSUGAR staff try it out.

POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts

Here's what taste testers had to say.

  • "Yum! Tastes blue! Like Sauv Blanc but with a blue raspberry finish. Would taste awesome frozen into a wine slushie."
  • "Tastes like a dessert wine. A little too sweet."
  • "It is way too sweet. Gross."
  • "Not good quality."
  • "Sh*tty Chardonnay with sugar."
  • "It has a chemically taste."
  • "Not too sweet. I would totally drink this for fun at a pool party."
  • "For an nonalcoholic drinker, I like this crossbreed between Champagne and wine."
  • "It's yummy if you don't think of it as wine. It's more of a sugary punch. Def needs to be very cold."
  • "Smurf piss."
  • "Artificial sweetener?! More like artificial ruiner."
  • "I give it three stars. I am Switzerland."
  • "0.0 stars. Red only."


Currently, the blue wine is only available for purchase in Europe, but if you're dying for a taste here in the US, you can preorder it for $16 a bottle.